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Acne Tips

Acne is "the" most common of all the skin problems. A vast amount of teenagers and in some cases adults, are affected by acne. Facial acne is the most common but acne can also appear on different parts of the body like the shoulders, upper arms, back and neck. Whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, cysts, nodules are some forms of acne. Most teenage acne sufferers lose their self confidence due to excessive pimples on their skin and they begin to feel shy in facing crowds, thus causing constant depression in teenagers. Acne isn't a path to adulthood so a suitable treatment should be used.

Around 85% of the population suffer from acne at any one time. Acne normally clears up within a few years but sometimes it leaves scars on the skin causing constant depression for the affected person. It also can persist into adulthood.

Some things should be avoided in order to control acne. These things might not be the real cause of acne but they play a vital role in aggravating the acne condition. They include:

Squeezing: Squeezing and picking the acne should be avoided at all costs. Squeezing your acne can irritate the skin and can result in scarring.

Food: Although medical research is unable to find out a direct link between acne and different kinds of food but still some people think that oily foods, chocolates, pizzas, colas etc. cause acne. This is not true as acne all starts with hormones and when feeling hormonal, most people crave fatty foods.

Over cleansing: Avoid over cleansing and over scrubbing your skin. It is of no help. It will only cause irritation and inflammation on your skin. Dirt is not the root cause of acne but it helps to cleanse the skin twice a day. The Aknicare range has a cleanser designed to prepare the skin for the other products within the range. This is suitable to be used twice a day. Click here to find out more.

Cosmetics: Cosmetics play an important role in aggravating acne. They can clog pores thus resulting in acne. If it is impossible for you to go without make-up than you should preferably use non-Comedogenic and oil-free cosmetics. Theses types of cosmetics do not clog the pores and thus they are safe to use. You can get make ups with Acne combating ingredients. Click here to read more.

Sweating: In some people sweating might aggravate the acne condition. So make sure you cleanse your skin thoroughly after exercising.

Stress: Stress has no direct links with the acne. There is a possibility that acne can be caused during stress hormonal changes. Sometimes anti-stress medicines can also cause acne.

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