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Acne Treatment and Skin Hydration of dry skin conditions using Lipid Boosting

Fatty Acids and Lipids and their role in acne, psoriasis and eczema and other dry skin conditions

Water management in the skin and trying to reduce trans epidermal water loss or TEWL is critical for people with Psoriasis, Eczema and conditions such as Ichthyosis (fish scale, excessively dry skin condition). Water is lost when hyaluronic acid levels in the dermis and epidermis is reduced but also when lipid levels become deficient through metabolic, hormonal changes and in some cases dietary and even genetic conditions in the latter case.

There are benefits to in managing water loss in acne which also involves a loss of skin lipids especially linoleic acid causing increased water loss which is one of the reasons why oil production increases and skin thickens to compensate, thereby starting the acne process. Chronic acne can create a situation where even though the hormonal trigger which triggers lipid loss (Dihydroxytestosterone- DHT) has been reduced, the skin can become chronically lipid deficient and needs ‘re-educating’ through lipid boosting. This can offer long term relief to many long term acne sufferers. We recently received a letter from a 70 year old man who had had acne continuously for 50 years and by following a lipid enhancing programme has finally found relief. Can you imagine how he feels? He is not alone in terms of new ways of managing acne. Aknicare is the first topical treatment (medical device licence recently granted) to reduce DHT while restoring linoleic acid levels to dramatically affect the four key features of acne while not causing the possible systemic side effects of other products (as tragically recently re-described in Bolton Evening News) or creating resistant bacteria (Prof Chu - Hammersmith London).

However for chronic acne sufferers and dry skin conditions mentioned one may need more focused specific lipid boosting and water management in the skin to provide relief. People with dry and also itchy flaky skin conditions can benefit from lipid boosting as they have a problem in maintaining water balance as their natural moisture barriers are compromised as described above.

Kids with Eczema can also benefit in that boosting lipids and also providing natural anti-inflammatory agents can offer relief and has lead in a number of cases a reduction in the use of prescription steroid creams. Can you imagine a mother’s relief at not having to thin the skin with Steroid creams twice a day or more.

While Lipid boosting on its own can not resolve the plaques and reddening skin associated with psoriasis, it can help in the management of this condition

Hydratime and Nutritime are lipid boosters and contain the whole range of ceramides

-           Ceramide 1, 2, 3, 3A, 3B, 5 in an optimum ratio. Also provide precursors of ceramide 3 and 6 (see below)

-           With many other mainly natural sources of lipids such as cholesterol, bees wax, lactic and stearic acids.

-           Phytosphingosine – a precursor of ceramide 3 and 6 to further boost lipids, which is also an enzyme regulator, an antimicrobial and an anti-inflammatory

Also providing other anti-inflammatory and skin calming agents such as

-           Ascorbyl tetra-isopalmitate (absorbable lipo-soluble form of Vitamin C) and Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E) which are antioxidants and mop up damaging and inflammatory free radicals

-           combined with MSM another anti-inflammatory which stops the production of inflammatory agents by the skin

Last but not least the package is completed by supplying a whole range of water binding agents such as

-           Hyaluronic acid, lactic acid, saccharide isomerate, panthenol and acetylglucosamine which capture and hold water in the skin

thereby massively improving lipid balance and water retaining capacity of the skin.

This also provides an anti aging activity also because of all this for those who don’t suffer dry skin conditions and many use it for this property alone.

However all of these ingredients and more combine to offer fantastic relief to many dry itchy skin sufferers. These products have been tested widely and can be used in conjunction with many medicines and creams from the doctor. Please check before hand however if at all unsure.

All of this is possible through the delivery technology of oleosomes which deliver these active ingredients into the skin

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