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ringsOlympian Skin Care from SkinMed

August/September 2012     


imageSome of us may be sick of hearing about it but there is no escaping them; the 2012 London Olympics are coming!

Years of development and research have gone into the London Olympics. This hard work and dedication is something that we at SkinMed can relate to. At SkinMed, we are always striving to ensure that we are delivering the best possible products to you our valued customers. Our products are regularly tested to certify that they are the best that they can be.

Our research and development team have been hard at work looking at ways to further improve your skin and to help1 you control your skin condition be it pigmentation, acne, rosacea, scarring or anti-ageing.
We are aware that the research and development team have been busy improving our 3 major skin care lines. So keep watching this space for new and improved formulas coming soon! Here is a sneak preview:

Aknicare Chest and Back – a new spray with roller application targeting these specific areas.
The New Aknicare formula has been upgraded to incorporate a new peptide which doubles the antibacterial action of triethyl citrate and ethyl linoleate; this is the only antibiotic treatment that works.

New Rosacure (this is a medically licensed version of Synchrorose) with two additional ingredients to really boost activity on reducing redness and erythema. The first additional ingredient works by resisting the production of a skin peptide that is part of the erythema development. The second additional ingredient raises Trigger Tolerance Thresholds to reddening triggers.

New Thiospot formula - - much more effective, maybe more effective than hydroquinone on all types of pigmentation and without associated risks.

More detailed info will come in the next Newsletter

And we like to reward our customers too...

We strive to provide our customers with not only the best products but also service of Olympian Standards. If you show loyalty to our products and use the full range of products to gain maximum benefits, we will reward you with 15% discount!

To qualify for the Loyalty Scheme all you have to do is spend over £115 on SkinMed products over a period of 6 months. By qualifying for this discount you are not only saving yourself pennies, you are also likely to be caring for your skin in the way it craves and deserves to be treated.

Exercise is not only for athletes

Exercising four to five times a week will not only help to keep you trim and healthy, it will also help you gain that clear complexion we all dream of having. An enzyme called Iysozyme is excreted when we perspire. This enzyme fights bacteria and works to flush microbes from the surface of the skin. You can prevent common skin problems such as rosacea by exercising enough to perspire frequently. The perspiration assists in removing waste products from your body and it supplies nutrients to the skin as it improves blood flow to the skin, which results in giving your skin a healthy glow.

2You don’t have to hit it hard at the gym to achieve these changes you can introduce small incremental changes to your day, such as taking the stairs rather than the lift, jog home from work or take up a new sport or exercise such as football or zumba. Sweat has many functions; it keeps the skin clean, free of disease and supple and improves skin tone and texture. To further aid your skin and improve skin tone, introduce Terproline® Face Cream into your daily routine. Terproline® Face Cream contains all the essential ingredients such as soya extracts, hyaluronic acid and ceramides for improving the appearance, tone and elasticity.

The majority of us know how important it is to drink ample supplies of water and it is even more imperative to replenish with water after exercise. If your body is not sufficiently hydrated the cells will start to draw water from your bloodstream if your body is not sufficiently hydrated. This puts unnecessary pressure on your heart. Mild dehydration can also prevent your kidneys from effectively purifying your blood, which then can have a knock on effect onto your liver and other organs, causing severe stress.  Drinking water will not only aid a good sweat, it will rehydrate and help to flush your body of any toxins; after all, water is the ultimate natural detox tool. Another helpful tip to help restore electrolytes and avoid dehydration is to add a touch of sea salt to your water and eat a banana after an intense workout of 30 minutes or more.

It’s all about skin

skin creamWe are all well aware that the skin is the largest organ of the body but here are some useful facts that you may not know:

  • The skin weighs approximately 8 pounds and stretches 22 square feet
  • The skin is one of our most sensitive organs
  • The skin renews itself every 28 days
  • Approximately 40,000 dead skin cells are shed every minute! By the age of 70, the average person will have shed approximately 7.5 stones of skin
  • If we put a lot of chemicals on it, we're damaging it and it can affect normal skin processes
  • It is during childhood and adolescence that the sun causes between 50 and 80 per cent of the damage that occurs to our skin
  • It typically takes 30 years for the damage caused by the sun to show on your skin; so the damage done in your 30’s will show in your 60s
  • The risk of skin cancer later in life is increased during the intermittent and intense sun exposure that occurs during the summer holidays
  • The cancer-inducing damage to the DNA in the skin sustained with each episode of sunburn is irreversible, and this cumulative damage tends to translate into skin cancer decades later
  • Melanoma skin cancer is undeniably linked to sun exposure; it is by far the commonest skin disease-related cause of death worldwide, and its incidence has been increasing progressively
  • Most of the skin cells in the upper skin layer are killed by high doses of UV radiation. Those that aren’t killed get damaged; the mildest form of damage is sunburn which consists of Erythema


SkinMed Top Fact
Approximately 40,000 dead skin cells are shed every minute. By the age of 70, the average person will have shed approximately 7.5 stones of skin!


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