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Central Heating & Clear Skin - Protect Your Skin Acne, rosacea and facial redness return with a vengeance as soon as the weather starts to turn.

Central heating and double glazing increase skin oil production and congestion causing acne outbreaks and oily skin.

Variations in temperature dilate facial vessels leading to swelling which causes exacerbations of rosacea with excessive flushing and damage to veins.

So how do we look after our skin this winter without freezing?

Just like in summer when we look after our skin with an SPF, we still need to look after our skin in winter. And if you have lived through an English winter, you'll probably know first hand the damaging affects it can have on your skin. Wouldn't it be nice to go back to summer?

So short of immigrating from September to May, just what can we do to maintain clear skin?

For many, winter is the worse time of year. The constant change from hot and cold temperatures and exposure to dry indoor provided by central heating and double glazing  can enhance skin sensitivity, leading to increased oil production and resulting in acne breakouts.

Those that suffer from rosacea and reddening skin will know that these are common triggers, and along with everyday ‘life’ and stress, can worsen your symptoms. We need to build up our tolerance thresholds in the skin and suppress the reddening response and enjoy the warmth rather than fear the thermostat control.

So how do we do this?

Synchrorose medically tested system uses key ingredients which build up in the skin to reduce and control reddening while also increasing the skins tolerance to triggers in over 80% of rosacea sufferers. Once an effective concentration of ingredients has been achieved, it can effectively suppress the chemical processes which cause the reddening response.

Aknicare medical devices are proven to work in 80% of acne patients, controlling acne bacteria fast with an effective triple antibacterial (non antibiotic) combination. Aknicare is the only product to target the four key symptoms of acne and the underlying process, leading to the healing of existing spots and stopping new ones developing.

This effective alternative to antibiotics and roaccutane is available from SkinMed and may be what you need to take back to university.

For more information and the science behind Aknicare click here And Synchrorose click here

Need another reason to prevent acne breakouts?

In a recent article, Spot, published in Cosmetic News magazine, Professor Chu, Consultant Dermatologist at Hammersmith Hospital (London) and President of the UK Acne Charity, says: "There are some very nice new products coming through which are going to be much better tolerated. There is a preparation called Aknicare, which works in a slightly quirky way. It is available over the counter at chemists but also on prescription. It works extraordinary well and is very well tolerated. It is the only topical preparation that I have ever found which will reduce oil production. We did a study a few years back to measure oil production and patients reduced theirs by 30-70% so that horrible greasy skin you often get with acne can be sorted by using this product."

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Aknicare and Rosacure are available from SkinMed, with great discounts on product sets.

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