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Don't Let Your Skin Dry Up Through Winter

Having trouble with dry itchy winter skin? This is a very common skin problem that gives people more trouble in colder weather months, when humidity is low.  When your skin becomes dehydrated, it loses flexibility and becomes cracked, scaly and can become quite itchy.  Your skin needs moisture to stay smooth and supple.  Luckily we have a solution, you can effectively address your dry skin concerns with our Hydratime® and Nutritime® creams.Hydratime/Nutritime

Hydratime® day cream and Nutritime® night cream combined are a dermacosmetic management system particularly effective for dry, itchy, irritated skin conditions due to its superb upper skin hydration.
They nourish deeply by providing the complete range of ceramides in combination with other functional ingredients which support skin lipid density. Hydration is achieved by the activity of Hyaluronic Acid and Saccharide Isomerate enhancing moisture levels.

Hydratime® and Nutritime® sustain, protect and re-establish the skin's barrier properties. They provide sun protection, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agents. Absorbable forms of Vitamins C and E combine to calm irritated itchy dry skin.
Ceramide boosting is so much more than moisturizing. Many dry skins, oily skin and many skin problems such as eczema, ichthyosis, psoriasis, rosacea and also acne can benefit from ceramide supplementation. To find out more visit http://www.skinmed.com/dry-skin-treatment.

Another common problem with the arrival of winter months is dry, cracked and painful lips. It’s common for people’s lips to become dry especially in the winter months, this is because the skin of the lips is very thin and there aFillast Lipsre few oil glands to help keep them moisturized. To make the situation worse, dry lips can also be worsened by a lack of nutrients and too much use of excessive indoor heating.  Our solution to this problem is our Fillast lips lip balm.
FILLAST - High Perfection Lips is an active hydrating balm which boosts lip volume. The patented Fillast mechanism holds water in the skin, and therefore hydrates and promotes a natural increase in the lip volume, smoothing and softening them.
Ideal for dry, ageing lips through its specific revitalizing action. It reduces the appearance of vertical wrinkles and enhances the natural colour of the lips. It would make a great Christmas Gift for a loved one and its only £19.95.


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