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Keeping your hands off your pimples helps avoid infections and acne scarring

It's normal to want a spot gone right away, but if you pop it, you could be risking an infection and scarring.

You can buy what's known as a comedone extractor to help remove spots without using your fingers, lowering your risk of infection, but it's still not a good idea. As even with the extractor, you still run the risk of infection and scarring. The best way to deal with a current breakout is to use the Aknicare skin roller which will provide fast relief in reducing blemishes and stopping their development.

The best way to avoid scars is to prevent spots from forming in the first place and treat the underlying problem. Medications to treat both mild and severe acne are available via prescriptions, including Aknicare. However, certain products are associated with some dangerous side effects and are rarely prescribed. Most Dermatologists will opt for topical treatments containing Salicylic acid which is one of the main ingredients within Aknicare.

Typically, acne treatments decrease the body's production of sebum, a natural body fluid produced by sebaceous glands. However, the ideal acne treatment should change the environment within the skin and target the four key symptoms of acne. Aknicare is the only topical solution proven to do this.

Effectively reduces oil production
Effectively reduces skin thickening
Effectively controls and reduces acne bacteria
Effectively reduces inflammation fast


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