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At home skin care techniques

During these tough financial times, people are looking for ways to keep their skin looking good but at little cost. We have come across 2 safe and inexpensive skin care techniques that you can prepare yourself from ingredients found in your kitchen. These recipes were created by Dr Ellen Marmur, who was a guest dermatologist on the Dr Oz show in the USA.

These recipes can be used effectively alongside SkinMed products; Dr. Marmur explained that she does use a variety of skin care techniques such as lasers, chemical peels and medications. Nevertheless, there are products in your kitchen fridge that you can use right now and at little cost to help your skin through the winter months. Dr Marmur explains we can have equally effective skin care treatments at home; “You know, we used to call these old wives’ tales, but now we realize that a lot of what they told us is actually probably very true.”

Skin Care Secret #1: Avocados and honey for dry flaky skin
The winter months wreak havoc with dry and flaky skin conditions. Keeping skin hydrated is essential to maintaining a healthy looking skin. A typical treatment is to moisturize the skin and replenish it with natural oils and plant derived nutrients. Dr Marmur suggests avocados and honey to treat dry skin.

 “You are going to cut your avocado in half and scoop out the fruit of the avocado and you’re going to start stirring in about one tablespoon of honey and make it into a kind of a nice consistency,” says Dr. Marmur. Once you have created your desired consistency, you apply it directly to the face, concentrating on the areas worst affected by dry and flaky skin and leave for ten minutes. This can be done three times a week and it can be beneficial to apply a cool clean towel that has been soaked in green tea, which holds the mixture in place and giving the added benefit of caffeine to your skin.

Skin Care Secret #2: Pineapple and cottage cheese for Rosacea

Rosacea affects a reported 4 million sufferers in the UK and Ireland, with an equal number suffering pre-Rosacea and/or flushing and blushing. Rosacea causes a variety of symptoms ranging from recurrent blushing attacks, progressing through permanent red skin with thread veins, to eruptions of pustules & lumps, distorted tissue and eye problems. Rosacea affects both sexes, being almost three times more common in women. Men however often suffer more severe symptoms. Rosacea is a progressive vascular disorder that can affect the face and eyes. It usually begins as a mild flush across the nose and cheeks typically but also the chin and forehead can be involved from an early stage. It is an uncomfortable and progressive skin disorder, which usually from the ages of 30 and tends to worsen in middle age as hormonal control of the flushing response starts to reduce with age then these reddening triggers can lead to longer even permanent responses and structural damage. In severe cases it can progress into a condition named rhinophyma. The bulbous nose of Comedian W.C Fields is probably the most widely known sufferer.

There is no cure for this itchy and irritating condition. The Rosacure® Rosacea Management system is specially formulated for Rosacea sufferers and those susceptible to excessive blushing, flushing, thread veins and reddening skin. Whatever triggers the Rosacea, whether it be food, drink or temperature changes, in conjunction with hormonal changes or due to emotional situations, Rosacure® targets the reddening response. A simple and cost effective treatment to use alongside Rosacure recommended by Dr. Marmur is cottage cheese and pineapple.

Dr. Marmur says “You’re going to take one cup of cottage cheese and mince about a quarter of a cup of pineapple. Believe it or not, the secret of the pineapple is in the rind of the pineapple. And then you are going to just mix it all up, and not have too much water in it.”

Once the mixture is of your desired consistency, it is then applied to the skin focusing on the areas where the Rosacea is predominant.  Dr Marmur explains “So what’s happening here is that the pineapple is full of juices and vitamins, like vitamin C, and it’s going to decrease the redness of your skin—it’s kind of a secret anti-redness ingredient...And the cottage cheese is like milk, it’s going to smooth and calm your skin, so afterward you should have a much more glowing skin.”

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