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Boost your Immune System - Save yourself from the flu virus

It is really important that we keep our immune system in top condition through the winter months.

The flu can affect us all but those with chronic  illnesses such a heart and respiratory problems especially asthma and older people are more at risk and less able to combat it, making their condition worse still.

So how do we protect ourselves and why do some people get it more than others?

Winter is on its way; nasty colds, runny noses and flu all come with it. It often seems like an epidemic. Maybe you could be the lucky one who won’t feel ‘under the weather’ but more often than not, no matter how much hand sanitizer you use and how much distance you keep from those affected; we are prone to a cold or two and even worse the flu.

Those with chronic illnesses and respiratory problems are less able to resist the virus because their immune system is compromised and people with heart problems are also more at risk from the strain the virus will have on their heart. For many of us, our immune system may have taken a bit of a ‘battering’ from all the summer partying and holiday drinking so now is the time to boost it.

 A big part of our immune system is our probiotic bacteria that live in our gut, especially bifidobacter which lives in the lower part and can account for up to 70% of our immune function.

Everyday life, stress, drink, diet and medication can reduce the numbers of the bacteria and make us more open to a viral attack. So we need to build our defense systems.

There are special compounds which can boost our immune system. Ultimate Flora Advanced Immunity provides S Boulardii, a beneficial probiotic which stimulates the body's immune response. Ultimate Flora Advance Immunity also delivers two immune boosting ingredients; ResistAid, based on the key concentrated active chemical found in Echinacea and Epicor, a combination of immune supporting vitamins and metabolites including extract of brewer's yeast.

Buy it now, keep your kids from being off school and build your defenses now!

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