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Top 12 Food Triggers for Rosacea sufferers

Here are some interesting facts which many people relate to. We often hear ‘avoid red foods and drinks’, but these statistics are interesting and in some ways support this. Anything that can increase blood flow to the peripheral areas (cheeks) can be a rosacea trigger. Wind, skin irritation, temperature changes and yes, the sun are all external triggers but the dietary ones are many. SkinMed have great success with Synchrorose in increasing tolerance to these triggers while suppressing reddening episodes and reducing the intensity of permanent reddened skin. 

  • Wine is said to affect around 48% of sufferers
  • Cayenne pepper affects 36%
  • Red pepper has an affect on 34%
  • Black pepper is not as bad as red pepper and affects 18%
  • Tomatoes affect 31%
  • Citrus fruits affect 27%


  • Alcohol affects around 37%
  • Hot coffee is said to affect around 35%
  • Chocolate affects 33%
  • Hot tea affects 30%
  • White pepper affects less than red or black pepper at 9%
  • Paprika affects 9%


Hot News (well the reverse actually, maybe cold news)

We also combine Synchrorose creams in clinics with Mandelic Acid/Mandelate/Dimethyl Sulfone treatment which does class as a chemical peel, but does not trigger reddening and has amazing abilities to reduce reddening episodes, thread veins and spider veins. We have successfully treated many sufferers. Most were a little worried before but very happy afterwards. If you want to know more about this, phone us and we can book you a free consultation at a professional medical skin clinic near you.

Aknicare Feedback – (please read this as it will explain why we are going to make a fantastic offer)

It has been proven that acne starts due to the skin losing water too fast as a result of the loss of essential fatty acids (especially linoleic acid) caused by increased hormone sensitivity. The skin produces more skin cells and becomes thicker while pumping more oil to try and stop this excessive water loss. All this excess skin and oil narrows the oil duct and blocks it. Bacteria then infect the area under the plug and cause sore inflamed spots.

So slowing down oil production (Aknicare on average reduces it by 53%) and slowing down excess skin cell production (Aknicare does this extremely effectively) can help prevent spots, but this means water loss will increase again without replenishing the lost essential fatty acids (linoleic acid). Aknicare pumps in Ethyl linoleate which releases linoleic acid into the skin which does raise essential fatty acid levels, but this last piece of the jigsaw takes a few weeks while Aknicare can slow oil production within a few days.

So for the user this means that Aknicare may lead to increased skin moisture loss in the first few weeks until linoleic acid levels increase which has lead to some customer reports of drier skin. This is the main reason some people stop treatment and in virtually every case it is the Aknicare Lotion only users this affects, as this is the most powerful product and the one to use if you really want acne control. If you always follow the Aknicare Lotion with Aknicare Cream, you get a double action on spot control but also the Cream contains moisturizers and water binding ingredients to keep skin hydrated. (Occasionally some people can use just the cream for spot control or some even add in an additional moisturiser with spf).  

Get the most out of your pigmentation treatment

Thiospot pigmentation treatment is a safe effective formula which slows down melanin production to successfully treat pigmentation including age and sun spots, post acne marks and pregnancy mask. For best results use Thiospot Duo pack – Cream and Skin Roller (Thiospot Skin Roller is ideal for pigmented marks caused by acne). For maximum absorption of the active treatments, the skin should be prepared with Hydratime Remover and while you may be reducing the pigmentation that’s there, you should still protect your skin from further outbreaks triggered by UV with Sunwards.

Love our products? Then why not tell others about the fantastic results you got. Help someone else sort out their skin like you did. There are many online forums and review pages that are waiting to hear your story…

Your chance to win free Aknicare!

Aknihilation is our fantastic spot-zapping game - log on to www.skinmed.co.uk and click on Aknihilation. Zap as many spots as you can in 45 seconds - the more spots you can zap while keeping oil levels down with your virtual set of Aknicare, the more Aknicare discount you can win! Go on, give it a go! What’s more, read SkinMed’s Pete Roberts’ (expert Aknihilation player!) tips for a high score…
AknihilationTop Tips

  • Use Cleanser to control oil and Skin roller to target spots on level 1. Skin Roller has infinite shots
  • Remover has greater oil control than Cleanser and is great for inflamed skin
  • The Lotion and Cream combo are better than using them on their own. Ideal for oil and lots of spots
  • Three product sets are powerful but use them when you are struggling for control
  • Save six product sets until level 4 to get to the end
  • Products need to be used in combination
  • Make sure you keep an eye on oil level, need to keep average oil level down to proceed


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