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OCTOBER 2011   


We would like to thank you for your custom and know you will continue to benefit from our products and have great skin. SkinMed constantly strive to improve our offerings and only bring you clinically proven products which have good medical research behind them. We also want to give you great value and other ways of improving your skin. It is your support that sustains us and allows us to grow. To give something back we have created our Elite and VIS (Very Important Skin) services, each offering you a wide range of benefits and rewards.

Premium, Elite and VIS CUSTOMERS

Now you can access a special range of services as an Elite or VIS Customer. Members can access free new product trials, one to one consultations, personal skin assessments and special member only offers.

We offer a Concierge Service allowing you to access our Clinic Referral Consultancy for a free skin review. We will advise you whether we think the treatment and even prices are right for you. We spend a lot of time in many clinics and know what works, what is new and what is the right price.

Members can also sign up for Loyalty and Subscription schemes offering you up to 50% off our RRPs. We will strive to keep you informed of latest issues related to your skin, so you choose which skin conditions you want to hear about. Our clinical team are constantly reviewing new studies and data that can improve skin conditions - we aim to cut through the rumor, here say and bad data and only send you credible news and our view on the benefits and downsides. Our first article is on a vaccine for acne.

Every one of our Customers can register as a Premium Customer and once registered, you can be elevated to Elite Customer status with your own login to access the Elite level services. Every time you order you accrue points based on the value of your order.

For some who order regularly or are long term Customers, you will be invited to the higher level ‘VIS Suite of services’ who have their own dedicated order line and are eligible for our Concierge level of rewards and services including free postage and free gifts. You will be sent your VIS login to access soon.

Current OFFERS (some available to all)

  • Up to 30% discount on Aknicare, Synchrorose and Thiospot product sets
  • Recommend us and receive free products that represent up to 100% of the value they order from us
  • Free Skin Review at a national chain of skin clinics
  • VIS and Elite Customers login to see what’s available to you (Your login will be sent in the next 28 days)
  • Anyone phoning our order line and placing an order in the next 14 days will be offered a free product related to and that will enhance their purchased products


Last week, Sanofi-Pasteur agreed to work with the University of California, San Diego, to develop an ‘immunotherapeutic product’ to prevent and treat acne. Pimples we know develop when oil-producing glands become clogged and otherwise benign skin bacteria, called p.acnes which survive on the skin surface, use sebum (oil) as a food source. When the supply of oil is cut off by a blocked ‘pore’ they invade to feed and like the low oxygen environment they find so growth accelerates. The feeding process inside the blocked ‘pore’ releases by-products which trigger inflammation. So many current acne treatments target p.acnes, but long term use of antibiotics builds up drug resistance including MRSA development while also killing off good skin and gut bacteria.

So, a team of scientists found the gene which codes for a protein called CAMP, which bacteria such as p.acnes use to kill cells. They put this gene into young radish plants to make them produce the protein. They then sprayed tiny amounts of ground-up leaves into the noses of mice (sorry), so they made antibodies to CAMP. The antibodies were then harvested and added to a colony of p.acnes in a dish.

These antibodies then bound to the bacterial CAMP protein and prevented their cell damaging effects. When these bacteria were put in the skin of a mouse’s ear, they elicited much less inflammation than ordinary p.acnes. This technique shouldn't encourage resistant bacteria, or disrupt normal bacteria in healthy skin (which doesn't produce CAMP). The team plans to develop antibodies to CAMP that can be delivered using micro-needles within the skin. However, fortunately in the meantime we still have Aknicare which kills p.acnes fast, without using antibiotics and therefore does not lead to resistance.

I will award a prize for the best description of how Aknicare controls p.acnes
Email to p.roberts@skinmed.com


Rosacea affects over 4 million sufferers in the British Isles. The cause is unknown but it is accepted that genetics and exposure to triggers are at the root of it. Exposure to UV by susceptible reddening skins over the first half of your life is a big factor in rosacea development.

Temperature changes can be a major trigger to many and when the central heating gets switched

on in the next few weeks, the difference in temperature from the outside to inside can trigger outbreaks. Synchrorose is proven to work in over 80% of rosacea sufferers to increase trigger tolerance to reddening triggers such as temperature change.

Let Synchrorose increase your flushing thresholds and reduce the redness.


Was this the year when the sun finally triggered hyper pigmented spots and darker areas of skin? As internal controls which hold back over production of melanin dissipate with age then age spots appear on areas of high exposure, (face, neck, hands). UV protection from a young age is the best way to restrict age spot development later. Thiospot effectively and safely normalizes melanin production to reduce excess pigmentation ranging from sun spots, age spots, pregnancy mask and melasma.

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