SkinMed - What we do

SkinMed was created to assist in the research development, sale and distribution of dermatological products which are beneficial to skin health.The company draws from the expertise from both the pharmaceutical and the cosmetics world where many decades of experience allow us to bring you options which work. We fundamentally seek products supported by clinical and medical evidence carried out by recognised experts in their field.

SkinMed represents General Topics, a multi-million pound company formed by the de Paoli family in Italy. General Topics products visibly improve pigmentation issues, rosacea symptoms, acne and oily skin, dry itchy flaky skin, uneven skin, scarring and burns, skin elasticity and extensibility, wrinkles and fine lines, even cellulite. Sufferers with acne, eczema, pregnancy mask and psoriasis have also benefited from their research based products along with many who have visibly improved wrinkles and fine lines in the short, medium and long term.

SkinMed also market Electronic high Quality skin needling devices (fractional needling techniques) which are highly effective and comparable to lasers but at a much much lower cost. These are highly effective at remodeling skin problems ranging from scars, stretch marks, loose skin, open ‘pores’ and of course lines and wrinkles.

SkinMed particular expertise is in treating all types and aspects of acne vulgaris and rosacea. We have developed treatment systems for acute, acne, late onset acne, resistant acne, back and chest acne and all associated complications such as T Zone, Scars, Post acne pigmentation. We have a complete program which has patient treatment pathways which can be tailor made and altered depending on the presenting symptom. So if half way through an acute acne protocol it becomes clear that the acne is controlled, then we can switch seamlessly to address maybe post acne complications, while ensuring the acute symptoms remain controlled. Enerpeel Salicylic acid is unique in not only supplying salicylic acid to soften and remove blockages but as it is supplied in a carrier, it also allows us to incorporate (already in the peel) key ingredients found in our prescription and medical treatment creams. So for those who need extra clinical treatment then Enerpeel SA provides a big boost of the key cream ingredients to rapidly kill bacteria, reduce inflammation and to alter the lipid conditions in the skin to create an environment where spots do not develop. All of this without using antibiotics, BPO, retinoids, or even isotretinoin. Our novel way of killing bacteria in a colonised spot uses p.acnes own enzymes to kill itself rapidly and without creating resistant bugs such as MRSA. Our systems are clinically proven to work much faster than prescription alternatives.

Recently SkinMed launced the clinic only Rosacure, a medical range for treating rosacea with a completely new mode of action that targets the peptides released as a result of triggers which  are part of the reddening and stinging sensation in rosacea. This peptide released into the skin is stimulated by a nerve impulse and the peptides hyper stimulate receptors in our keratinocytes and exacerbate skin reddening and itching. The peptide inhibitors in Rosacure are unique, patented and a first. These ingredients are supported by erythema suppressing agents which reduce inflammatory chemical release and remove inflammatory chemicals quickly, while another ingredient raises skin tolerance levels to common triggers. This ongoing management skin range is coordinated with our in clinic treatment program involving Mandelic acid, mandelate, MSM clinical treatments which are carried into the skin to boost anti reddening, revise skin, improve vascular contraction capability. This treatment program will offer massive improvements to the many sufferers.

Both these groups are finding it harder and harder to get treatment in the NHS and treatment choices are limited in this sector anyway, more and more of the millions of acne and rosacea sufferers are seeking private clinic solutions, We have them.
We have also created Skin Side Out, our sister company that seeks supporting supplements and solutions to enhance skin health through a range of clinically tested and high quality supplements. We are working with a number of research companies to release a range of highly active supplement formulas utilising special technology to ensure high tissue levels so we can truly impact on skin issues.

Synergistic Skin Solutions

We have put these together in a logical system which has helped many to improve their skin health and are complimentary to the Synchroline range from General Topics.
SkinMed are proud to deliver clinical skin solutions from General Topics which are priced to allow clients to purchase complete treatment programme's where as with other clinical ranges, the cost of the key active creams are often so high as to restrict customers desire to use a complete treatment system. Our systems are designed to work in harmony where our cleansers and toners do much more and actively support the active creams in improving their absorption and action. Our moisturisers are designed to facilitate up take of the active creams while accentuating benefits.  

Don’t believe price hype. In some cases price equals quality but the Synchroline and Tebiskin ranges are the finest quality and backed by significant medical research and you get superb products at affordable prices. General Topics ambition is research and that is their passion. Much of the money made from their products is ploughed back into research as they seek greater and better solutions for skin problems and ageing. They believe their products should be affordable by the mass population and price should not be a restriction to trying the products. All of these products are high quality Italian creams and serums that utilise patented 'Synchrosome', ‘DrySyst’ and the latest ‘Lipifree’ technology to deliver the naturally based active ingredients to the right depth in the skin for optimal effect. These absorption techniques are superior to standard liposomal technology.

Clinical Protocols and Medical Treatments

Enerpeel Systems are becoming extremely popular in professional skin clinics where they are being successfully used as medical devices for improving acne, acne scars, pigmentation marks and wrinkles and fine lines and are being used in conjunction with the Tebiskin perioperative Cream ranges in the SkinMed Clinical Protocols. These protocols have been successfully used in improving all types of skins ranging from hypertrophic burn scars through to reducing wrinkles and lines. They have had success in improving elective and cosmetic surgery results including reducing scars. The protocols are continually reviewed and updated to combine Tebiskin and Enerpeels to deliver synergistic improvements in the management of all types of skin situations.The right peeling solution for the right skin condition is delivered in a range of state of the art delivery systems to deliver more complete results while minimising complications.

Tebiskin Cytoceutical range has been designed to use with clinical protocols and are very successful in improving the response and optimising the rejuvenation rate and longevity of a range of clinical procedures using lasers, peels, injectable's, needling and physical abrasion techniques. They also have shown significant success in minimising treatment complications of these procedures.

Protecting and supporting is a key feature of SkinMed's products but we also have specific ranges focusing on a particular feature for use before and after treatments or surgery, which have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti fungal and antioxidant properties.