Skin Aging Management

The aging process is a combination of factors.

  • Expressions and facial movements over time lead to the development of ‘dynamic’ wrinkles where structural fibres such as collagen and elastin become aligned in a particular direction. E.g. laughter lines, frown lines.
  • Lines become deeper and more permanent as our skin’s ability to retain moisture reduces through age related reduced manufacture of various skin ingredients such as skin lipids and hyaluronic acid.
  • Reduced production of Hyaluronic acid leads to a reduced capacity to hold water and also allows youthful short chain collagen fibres to come together and bind into longer more rigid collagen which leads to an older face shape.
  • Elastin production also decreases and gravitational effects then lead to sagging and bags and more pronounced ‘functional’ wrinkles and lines.
  • A build up of lymph and an increase in pigmentation coupled with ongoing gradual damage causes skin imperfections such as thread veins, plaques, age marks and dark under eye bags.
The speed at which these changes happen vary with each individual and genetics have a lot to do with this, but free radical activity damages all these structures over time and constant bombardment ages us all, but some are more resistant to their effects than others. However reducing free radical stress is a major part of sustaining and promoting youthful looks. Free radicals are damaging chemicals produced as a bi-product of most chemical reactions in the skin and they are also generated by exposure to many external, environmental and dietary things such as in alcohol, cigarettes and particularly UV radiation.

So in essence we need to:

A) Control the loss of Hyaluronic acid and stimulate new. Ideally before levels have reduced so that wrinkles form and collagen fibres start to bind together
B) Maintain the quality, type and level of collagen and elastin and promote renewal.
C) Enhance the lipid components in the skin to support barrier function and skin cell viability.
D) Reduce exposure to and the generation of free radicals by mopping them up before they do damage
E) Improve oxygenation of tissues and also lymph drainage to remove toxins from the skin.

Below, we discuss these key skin attributes and product choices you can combine to combat the aging process.   

– For further product information on specific areas such as lymph drainage, protecting and promoting optimal cell function and managing more specific areas such as thread veins, erythema and pigmentation please see Synchrovit, Rosacure® and Thiospot®

A) Hyaluronic Acid (Fillast)

Fillast SerumThis molecule captures and loosely retains water in the spaces between skin cells, making it available to sustain skin cell integrity (life). (Like an apple wrinkles when it loses moisture, the skin can do the same.)  This causes a major change in the structural proteins such as collagen and elastin whereby they become less fluid, longer and more rigid, giving an older face shape. Therefore it is important to sustain HA levels in the skin, which can be achieved using Fillast® daily.

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B) Collagen and Elastin (Terproline)

These are the other two key structural molecular chains produced by fibroblasts alongside hyaluronic acid. Collagen in younger skin is shorter chain more fluid by nature and this  is  known as collagen type III. Over time as hyaluronic acid levels drop it collagen binds together to become longer chain more rigid collagen type I. Elastin levels reduce over time leading to less elastic skin. Fibroblasts slow down over time and so production of collagen and elastin is compromised resulting in decreased skin quality, sagging and aging. Boosting fibroblast activity and supplying raw materials in form fibroblasts can use to make new collagen and elastin is critical is slowing the aging process. Terproline Proffessional

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Stimulating fibroblast activity in a high hyaluronic acid environment increases the proportion of collagen produced that remains as type III. A high hyaluronic acid is achieved by using Fillast® , see above for more information.

C) Skin Lipids (Hydratime and Nutritime)

hydratimeThe membranes of skin cells and the oils produced by the skin also have an important role to play in maintaining skin cell integrity (life) and influencing the aging process. Lipids are a critical component in maintaining the structural shape and moisture retaining functionality of  the skin. Over time and due to factors such as hormonal changes, life changes and medication, the skin can become lipid deficient. Supplementing lipids in the skin so new skin cells are made with a high lipid density is essential for any anti-aging regimen. Ceramides and natural ingredients that release ceramides can be used by the skin to produce more lipid dense tissue.

For more information, please look at the Hydratime® & Nutritime® section

D) Free Radical Stress (Synchrovit C)

Living your life, including drinking alcohol, consuming food, smoking and exercising all create damaging chemicals (known as free radicals) that fuel the ageing process. UV exposure especially generates a lot of free radicals in the skin.

Superoxide is the most powerful and most damaging free radical produced in the skin. Free radicals damage cell walls, blood vessels, cell DNA and break fibres. They also cause inflammation which can lead to increased pigment production and a more reactive skin, prone to redness and swelling. This can lead to thread veins, age spots and darker areas.

Antioxidants are chemicals which can neutralise free radicals, reducing the damaging effects on fibres and cells. However, the extremely active free radical Superoxide, cannot be neutralised by any antioxidant formula. It is only when it eventually converts itself to the less active hydroxyl free radical, that it can be neutralised, by which time it has done significant damage.

Synchrovit® C is a serum which contains Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), Vitamin C (l-ascorbic acid) and Zinc. Superoxide Dismutase is the naturally occurring enzyme which forces superoxide to convert immediately to the hydroxyl radical. This allows the vitamin C to neutralise it, meaning less damage to the skin. Zinc boosts the activity of SOD and Vitamin C.

This revolutionary anti-ageing face and neck enzyme treatment stops ageing and skin damage before it starts, but also remarkably stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin fibres to improve skin tone and elasticity.

  • Reduces expression lines and wrinkles and delivers a toned compact youthful looking skin
  • Reduces exposure to free radical ageing and damage
  • Effectively reduces excess pigmentation whether caused over time, from sun exposure or following inflammation

For more information, please look at the Synchrovit C section

Anti-Aging Protocol Overview Matrix

anti aging matrix