Synchrovit C - ANTIOXIDANTS & FREE RADICALS - How to use

Synchrovit® C is specially formulated using a ‘liposomal’ serum to enable maximum absorption of the active ingredients into the skin, with double the concentration of vitamin C compared to a normal solution.

The bottle has been developed to optimize the absorption of vitamin C, SOD and zinc. Vitamin C is known to be the least stable of all vitamins due to its sensitivity to light, warmth and air. The vitamin C is held as a powder in the neck of the bottle and only activated when mixed with the enzyme and zinc on opening the bottle.

For maximum effectiveness Synchrovit® C can be stored in the fridge or a cool dark dry place and is still active after 10 days. For optimum results we recommend that Synchrovit® C is continued for up to 6 months.

Directions for use:

Pigmentation resulting from inflammation (lasers, peels, microderm or sun burn, skin damage, post acne)

Everyday, morning and evening (morning application in conjunction with Thiospot)

Age or hormonal pigmentation

Use in conjunction with Tebiskin Gly - C as advised

Reddening or hyper-reactive skin post clinical treatments

Use twice a day in conjunction with Sensicure Serum


Use in conjunction with Fillast serum and Terproline Cream
Light ageing, 28 - 35 years old
Alternate days, preferably in the evening

Moderate ageing, 35 - 50 years old
Alternate days, morning and evening

Advanced - severe ageing, 50 - 75 years old
Everyday, morning and evening