The Enerpeel® medical device system of peels is designed to be less confrontational to skin while still achieving the desired treatment outcome. This is not by buffering, it works by using a patented carrier solution which stops the ingredients reacting with the skin structures or water in the skin until it is below the surface and then the ingredients, both acids and treatment ingredients are released to work in the skin not on the skin. This reduces surface side effects considerably meaning less peeling, more controlled frosting and less reddening and erythema

In preparation for a skin peel, the raw materials required for collagen type-III and hyaluronic acid must be supplied to the skin in order to achieve optimum results. This can be done by using Terproline® Fillast® twice a day, every day for 4 weeks prior to your peel and also for 4 weeks after your peel. This ensures that the fibroblasts are stimulated pre-peel to utilize the supplied ingredients for optimum production of collagen and hyaluronic acid which are further stimulated by the peel for maximum results.

If the client has fair skin, one should be careful not to trigger excessive reddening and inflammation. One can support skin structure with Terproline® to protect and cushion the skin from triggering redness. Also consider pre treating the skin with Rosacure® which actively combats reddening and increases tolerance levels.

Darker skin types should also consider Terproline® to support skin structure, ‘cushioning’ the pigment making cells from inflammatory triggering. To further reduce the risk of increased pigmentation post-peel one should also consider Thiospot® to control and reduce pigment production.

In the days following a skin peel, if excess redness and erythema occurs, Rosacure® should still be used to increase the resistance to reddening. If pigmentation becomes an issue then consider Thiospot® to combat this.