Customer Testimonials - EnerPeel

Dr M (Comments as a patient, not a professional)

“The pre and post treatment products felt good were easy and comfortable to use and didn't’t upset my sensitive skin. The peels had a brief stinging sensation which soon passed and I was pleased that I could continue working after every treatment without any redness or discomfort. My skin was a little drier than normal for a few days after treatment but that was well managed by the post treatment products.”
“It took a few days for the results to become apparent but I noticed that I wasn't’t aware that I was flushing until I saw my reflection and that they were briefer than previously.” “My skin is more even in colour – so much so people have commented that my skin is looking good and they don’t know I’m having treatment”

Matthew - Richmond, London

Having reached the age of 48, my face was beginning to show the effects of too many late nights, too many indulgences and the general wear and tear of exposure to the elements. I completed the Enerpeel MA course and there was a notable improvement in the reddening that had been on my cheeks and forehead. I was very pleased with the results.