Hydratime and Nutritime Testimonials

I initially was having very bad big painful spots on my face, i began using skinmed akincare and this completely cleared my skin in within 6-8months, since i no longer needed the product as my acne had all been cleared, i began to try out skinmed Nutritime product as i wanted my facial skin to maintain it's level of health, softness and clearness from spots - Nutritime has proven to be the perfect product for me. I wish i could show a photo of what my facial skin now looks like - it now looks very healthy and youthful, you will never believe i ever had acne nor will you ever believe my true age - many thanks to skinmed products

My 6 year old daughter stubbornly refuses to wear gloves! She also suffers with mild eczema so in wintertime she often gets severely chapped, sore hands. I have treated this with Epaderm ointment, Neutrogena Norwegian formula and Emulsifying ointment - all of which I regard as excellent emollients - but the best response by far was achieved using Nutritime; her skin was almost back to normal overnight. As a Cosmetic Physician and GP with a specialist interest in Dermatology, I have a good understanding of skin physiology and pathology. Ceramide boosting is a logical therapeutic strategy for dry skin conditions and the results reflect this. I'll be buying a bigger tube next time. And I'd love to see this in the BNF so that I can prescribe it for my NHS patients too!
Dr Amy Hermon-Taylor MBBS MRCGP Dip Clinical Derm

I’ve been using Hydratime Plus along with Aknicare and can’t believe the difference it has made. My skin used to feel oily and greasy by the evening but since using Hydratime, this doesn’t happen. Anyone suffering with oily, greasy skin should use this produt.
S in Shipley

This customer was using

  • Hydratime Cleansing Milk for dry skin
  • Hydratime Tonic Lotion for dry skin
  • Tebiskin Smooth – Soothing and anti-reddening cream
  • Nutritime Plus – Lipo Ceramide Face Cream

As a Makeup Artist I am constantly seeing a wide range of different faces with a variety of skin issues, some minor and some more serious, which often makes me compare them to my own.   Unfortunately my skin is dehydrated and dry, but my real concern was the open pores, redness and the irregular skin tone.

I had a consultation on January 14th 2013 with Peter Roberts, Skinmed’s Director.   It was in-depth and very interesting - not just for me and MY skin, but also as someone who deals with other peoples’ skin on a daily basis and seeing potential underlying problems that I have to understand whilst applying their makeup.

I received my products on February 2nd.  The bespoke skin regime planned for me was to use the Hydratime Cleansing Milk  and the Hydratime Tonic Lotion, both morning and night.  During the day I would also apply the Tebsiskin Smoothing Anti-redness Cream, which I did so underneath my regular foundation.  At night I would apply the Nutritime Lipo Ceramide Face Cream.  All 4 products were very easy to apply and I found they calmed my skin almost instantly.

I was determined to stick with the routine.  No matter how exhausted I was after a long tough shoot, I’d ensure I made the time to take my makeup off correctly - yes, there are times when even professional makeup artists can get a little lazy, don’t practise what they preach and just grab a couple of makeup wipes to get the excess off before crashing into bed!  But I rigidly stuck to the regime set out for me and within a week I’d noticed a real difference. 

I have now been using the products for 2 months.  The tone of my skin seems smoother, less  sensitive and ‘bumpy’ and importantly, the redness had definitely reduced.  It hasn’t gone completely - I feel on a personal level that may have something to do with needing a change of diet as well as current skin maintenance, but there is a significant change.  I feel a lot happier with my skin, however I appreciate that this is just the start and I may need to change products or adapt my routine as time progresses.

Sara Clark

I Just wanted to tell you how delighted I am with your products. Quite some time ago I saw your advertisement in Good Housekeeping. It sounded good and I thought I would give it a try. My first order was the Thiospot Duo Pack which really did the trick. My brown age spots have diminished a lot and I use it faithfully morning and night.Then I tried Hydratime Day Cream and Nutritime Plus Nourishing Cream, again used morning and night. They have definitely made a difference to the texture of my skin.
I have placed orders a few times and most definitely will continue to use when needed. I would certainly recommend this product to my friends. I have no hesitation in giving you 100% for the products. Keep up the good work.

Mrs Scott, Cheshire

I am writing to say how delighted I am with your products Hydratime and Nutritime, which I have been purchasing for nearly a year now for my daughter.
My daughter is 15 years old and has suffered from eczema since she was a baby and has always had to use hydrocortisone cream on both her face and body in order to keep the eczema reasonably under control.
Since using the Hydratime and Nutritime on a regular basis, her skin has consistently improved over the months. She uses both the body cream (insides of her elbows for example) and the face cream on a twice-daily basis. However, she now never has to use the hydrocortisone on her face and only very rarely elsewhere, which is a great relief to us both and so much better for her long term skin health.
The general appearance of her skin is much better and the dryness and itchiness has almost totally relieved. In the past, she has not been able to swim in the sea without extreme discomfort but both last summer and this she was delighted to find that she had no problems with swimming off both Mediterranean and British beaches.
Thank you again for your excellent products.

Yours sincerely, Diana Mead, Sheffield