Age, Sun and Liver spots

Thiospot Duo Set

To treat Age, Sun and Liver Spots use Thiospot

  • Reduce your unsightly sun, age and liver spots
  • Safely reduce sun, age and liver spots without bleaching the skin
  • Works in 8 out of 10 cases between 6-8 weeks
  • Can reduce pigmentation in as little as 4 weeks
  • Diminish ugly brown age spots
  • Reduce dark pigmented sun damaged areas on the forehead or cheek bones
  • Reduce pigmented marks on the arms, legs and body
  • Available in a roller ball to target small areas
  • Also available as a cream to cover larger areas
  • Neither product will effect skin colour around the dark area so there is no need to worry about that
  • See a difference in 1-2 months CLICK HERE TO BUY NOW!

Thiospot users before and after images

Customer Testimonials

Dear Madam
I am writing to let you know how wonderful I have found this product Thiospot.
I started using the cream about a year ago, on some very noticeable sun spots on my face. Even under heavy foundation cover they were noticeable. I found out about this product by pure chance by use of the internet. I read some customer reviews and was amazed at how many people had a noticeable result within 8 weeks of using this product, so I thought id give it ago.
After 8 weeks the sun spots became not so obvious, and for the more darker spots I used the Thiospot roller, which again had a very positive result after a few weeks use.
I am also very impressed by the fact a consultant telephoned me at home to enquire how I was "getting on" with the products I had purchased. They were incredibly helpful and gave me some very useful tips on how to get the most out of the cream/roller, and to check if I had plenty of the product left.
I would not hesitate to recommend this wonderful product to any customers. It has certainly made my life a lot easier and now I am not so self-conscious about how the way I look.
Once again thank you

Yours faithfully, D Peek, Devon

Dear Sirs
In recent months I had become very conscious of the dark liver spots on the back of my hands. I saw an advertisement for Thiospot in Good Housekeeping and decided to try it. I have been using it for about 5 weeks and can really see a difference. The spots have definitely lightened. I have just placed another order and shall continue using this product.
Many thanks.

Kim Saunders, Alton, Hampshire

To whom it may concern,
Thank you for your email, I bought thiospot for my Mum as she had sun spots on the back of her hands. She has been applying Thiospot to affected areas twice daily with brilliant results, her sun spot marks have completely gone now, she cant believe how quickly this has worked, she has used other treatments in the past which have not worked, she would recommend Thiospot, it really worked for her.

From, P Dhillon, W Bromwich

Dear Madam
I refer to my telephone conversation with you when ordering a Thiospot SR. I am very pleased with the outcome of the results of the Skin Roller and delighted that some old age spots, which were rather persistent have completely gone, just leaving a slight mark. Patience paid off.
I have used various other products but the results were not good. I will need to order another SR very soon to continue the treatment.
Yours sincerely

Mrs Loader, Berkshire

I Just wanted to tell you how delighted I am with your products.
Quite some time ago I saw your advertisement in Good Housekeeping. It sounded good and I thought I would give it a try. My first order was the Thiospot Duo Pack which really did the trick. My brown age spots have diminished a lot and I use it faithfully morning and night.
Then I tried Hydratime Day Cream and Nutritime Plus Nourishing Cream, again used morning and night. They have definitely made a difference to the texture of my skin.
I have placed orders a few times and most definitely will continue to use when needed. I would certainly recommend this product to my friends. I have no hesitation in giving you 100% for the products. Keep up the good work.

Mrs Scott, Cheshire

Thiospot is also used to treat

  • Pigmentation
  • Dark marks
  • Melasma
  • Chloasma
  • Sun damage
  • Pregnancy mask
  • Post inflammatory pigmentation
  • Post acne pigmentation.