Thiospot® Questions and Answers

Is Thiospot® similar to Hydroquinone?

HydroquinoneNo. It has nothing to do with Hydroquinone - it works by reducing the amount of melanin production by an enzymatic process and a non-enzymatic process. Hydroquinone reduces pigmentation in a completely different way. Hydroquinone is banned for sale in cosmetics in the EU and is only available by hospital consultant prescription and even then this is only as a last resort in many consultants cases since hydroquinone metabolites were classified as a possible cancer risk. Arbutin is the glycoside of hydroquinone and once in the skin the glycoside chain is removed, it releases hydroquinone, but inexplicably arbutin containing products are still legal and available for sale in Europe. Lastly, and just as worrying to many, Bearberry is found in a number of well known skin lightening agents and bearberry is a natural source of arbutin.

How long does Thiospot® take to be effective?

Excess PigmentThis obviously depends on the density of the pigmented area, but results are usually seen from 4 to 8 weeks. This time is taken because firstly excess pigment production in the melanocytes (make the pigment melanin) needs to slow down and then new skin cells, which pick up the available pigment from the melanocytes, need to migrate to the surface as the old darker cells are shed. Pigmentation takes time to appear and therefore will not disappear that quickly, unless using harsh chemicals. Thiospot® is a much gentler but extremely effective way to manage excess pigmentation issues and has been shown to be as effective as 2% hydroquinone.

How long should the Thiospot® Skin Roller/Cream last?

Again, this depends on the area upon which the skin roller is used - but can be over three months if used on small areas as directed. This is also true for the Intensive cream - it must be used sparingly but frequently (two or three times) every day.

Will normal skin be affected?

ChloasmaThiospot® is, as with all General Topics products, designed to normalise skin. It therefore works more effectively on those cells which produce an excessive amount of melanin - or hyper pigmented cells. Where there is differential melanin production in an area - the aim is to have all these cells producing melanin at the same rate - Thiospot® is used repeatedly on an area of skin which is 'normally pigmented' then it is likely to become slightly less pigmented over time but will return to its normal state after time. The darker problem area will lighten more and can be maintained at this lighter shade.

Is Thiospot safe to use in the sun?

Thiospot is safe to use in the sun. Ensure that the Thiospot is completely absorbed. Once fully absorbed, it is essential to apply a high factor sunscreen, such as Sunwards Extreme SPF50.

Does Thiospot increase the risk of sensitivity?

The skin roller contains salicylic acid and some people can become sensitive to this with continued use. The Cream does not contain salicylic acid, so should therefore not increase the risk of sensitivity.

Is Thiospot® cost-effective?

The answer here is that like all General Topics products, Thiospot® is effective and safe and very cleverly thought out. You are paying for the scientific knowledge and delivery system development, which ensures the right processes take place in the skin, in the right place at the right time. A product that costs $10 and is not effective is far less cost-effective than Thiospot®.

How long has Thiospot® been available?

Thiospot® has been available since 2001 and has been enjoying significant success in mainland Europe. Thiospot® SR and Thiospot® Intensive Cream are new improved formulations, which also contain an SPF 10. These were launched worldwide in March 2005.