The Science Behind The Pigmentation

Many people suffer from skin discolouration as a result of increased local skin pigment (melanin) production. Melanin protects us from the effects of strong sunlight but often due to a variety of different influences such as UV or trauma leads to inflammation at a cellular level which causes the skin to produce more melanin. Internal bodily controls can resist over production but with continued exposure and with aging then over exposed skin can loose its ability to restrict over production and lead to long term hyper pigmentation marks. During times of hormonal variation such as being pregnant then the control of pigment production can be diminished and this also can lead to hyper pigmentation. This results in darker skin spots or areas, such as age, liver and sun spots, after local damage from acne or burns, or pregnancy mask (often seen post pregnancy on the jaw line and other facial areas).


Thiospot® has natural based ingredients which build up in the skin over a number of weeks resulting in a gradual slowing down in melanin production, so excessive production is normalize safely, resulting in new lighter skin cells migrating to the skin surface and replacing older darker skin through natural shedding, encouraged by a mild exfoliant, such as Lactic acid. Also, Thiospot® contains MSM which helps to reduce inflammation which is precedes and promotes excess pigment production. Lastly Thiospot® contains the latest organic based plant sun filters which effectively reduce UV which can trigger excess pigmentation in sensitive areas. Standard sun filters can irritate cellular membranes and cause inflammation and although protecting the skin from direct UV effects. This inflammation itself can be a pigmentation trigger.

The schematic below shows what is involved in the production of excess melanin; the gray box contains a list of the ingredients in Thiospot® and what their involvement is in preventing the production of melanin.

Melanogenesis Schematic

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There are three inter related specific targeted active agents which effectively control the Melanogenetic Process reversibly and safely and can assist the body and the skins control mechanisms in recapturing control of the process or can continuously control melanin hyper production where there is reduced internal control capability. These are:

Effects of Thiospot Products 1

There are three additional supporting agents to help further improve results.

Effects of Thiospot Products 2

The combination of these six products ensures that hyperpigmentation caused by overactive melanocytes can be reduced quickly, safely and easily by following a twice-a-day every day regimen with one or both Thiospot® products. For more information on the ingredients and dosage requirements, please click here.