Customer Testimonials

I just wanted to say - I've been using your Thiospot Skin Roller religiously for the last month or so (on a smallish brown spot on my face that I've had for about 8 years) and it's working! (The only product that ever has). This could revolutionise my life (and my boyfriend's) as no longer will I be saying 'Can you see my brown spot' every time I leave the house!

I did use your old Thiospot Skin Roller but to no joy (and it had rather a nasty smell)... but this new version is fab.

So, thank you Skin Med!

I just wanted to tell you how brilliant thiospot is, after spending a lot of money on products claiming to fad pigment problems and not working i was getting very upset that it would be with me for life, and putting a lot amount of make up on and making it look worse, I looked on the internet and came across thiospot cream I've only been using 5/6 weeks but the difference is huge even my husband can see it fading so am very very very happy. I have ordered some more and i am more than happy to have to apply this product every day to keep it away. Thank you.

Dear Madam
I am writing to let you know how wonderful I have found this product Thiospot.
I started using the cream about a year ago, on some very noticeable sun spots on my face. Even under heavy foundation cover they were noticeable. I found out about this product by pure chance by use of the internet. I read some customer reviews and was amazed at how many people had a noticeable result within 8 weeks of using this product, so I thought id give it ago.
After 8 weeks the sun spots became not so obvious, and for the more darker spots I used the Thiospot roller, which again had a very positive result after a few weeks use.
I am also very impressed by the fact a consultant telephoned me at home to enquire how I was "getting on" with the products I had purchased. They were incredibly helpful and gave me some very useful tips on how to get the most out of the cream/roller, and to check if I had plenty of the product left.
I would not hesitate to recommend this wonderful product to any customers. It has certainly made my life a lot easier and now I am not so self-conscious about how the way I look.
Once again thank you

Yours faithfully, D Peek

To whom it may concern,
Thank you for your email, I bought thiospot for my Mum as she had sun spots on the back of her hands. She has been applying Thiospot to affected areas twice daily with brilliant results, her sun spot marks have completely gone now, she cant believe how quickly this has worked, she has used other treatments in the past which have not worked, she would recommend Thiospot, it really worked for her.

From, P Dhillon

Dear Sir/Madam
I am on the fifth week of treatment using the Thiospot Skin Roller. To my great delight during the past few days, the three large brown spots on my face are showing definite signs of going lighter. This is the first time I have seen any improvement. I've used two different strengths of "Fade Out" and "Bio Oil" all to no avail. I was considering making enquiries if laser treatment would be helpful, but now I don't need to because imaging what another few weeks of Thiospot will achieve.
I have never failed to apply my Skin Roller every morning and evening - peering each day into the mirror to see if I could see any change - and this past week, things are beginning to happen. I also notice I am using less foundation. I use "Clinique, Dewy Smooth" and have to put it on quite thick and use a blemish cover stick as well, but we've had a weekend away in York (I thought about my Thiospot SR as we drove through Harrogate!!!) and I realised that my make-up wasn't doing its usual disappearing trick in the heat, due to the fact that I wasn't using as much to cover my brown spots. My daughter is a pharmacist and she once got me some special make-up but even this never really disguised these marks.
So can I say thank you for developing this great product, I feel 60 going back to 16 with my new complexion and I haven't finished my treatment yet.
Thank you again, I will be recommending Thiospot SR to anyone I see with those awful, ageing brown spots.

Yours faithfully, A Mullarkey

I have a very dear friend of whom I have known for over thirty years, her name is Rose. Rose is 94 years old, a small and very pretty lady you would think she was seventy.
Last year Rose was worried about the large brown spots on the side of her face (very large) and what, if anything could be done to remove them.
Rose remarked "just because I am 94 years old does not mean one has to have such unsightly things on your face."
Having taken medical advice, was told they were non malignant, but nothing suggested about them being removed. In March 2005, I read in the Good Housekeeping magazine about your Thiospot SR (Skin Roller) concentrated lightening formula. I told Rose who agreed to give it a try, then sent off for some. When it arrived Rose applied it according to the instructions. Quite soon things started to change the spots became lighter, leaving the skin clear. There is still some way to go to remove the rest, but confident of the outcome. Unfortunately Rose had a fall just before Christmas and broke her right wrist and had a pin in her right hip, and was in hospital for ten weeks. During this time she was unable to continue the treatment.
Rose is now fully recovered and is again using your Thiospot until all the brown spots have gone. I am so impressed with the overall results I have purchased some for myself as I have one or two small brown spots appearing. I am 77 years old (not vain) but like to look my best, brown spots do not improve your looks, believe you me.
I hope my story has not been too long winded, just thought you would like to know your product is really working and will certainly recommend it to my friends.

Yours sincerely, C Tilford

Dear Sirs
I write to express my delight at the effectiveness of the Thiospot Intensive Lightening Cream, one that actually does what it claims to do and has shown a marked improvement in fading the dark pigmentation on my skin. I have tried many creams on the market over the years in an effort to try and fade the dark areas on my arms and legs with little success. After continued use of Thiospot I now feel able to wear sleeveless tops and dresses without feeling so self conscious and because it incorporates a sun screen factor 10 you feel it is protecting your skin even when exposed to sunlight.

Yours faithfully, A Eastbury

Dear Laura
I'm delighted to confirm in writing the excellent results I achieved using Thiospot Intensive Lightening Cream. I purchased the item late October 2005 and it lasted me six months.
I applied the cream consistently day & night to a large area of discoloured skin - approximately 2 and a half inches in diameter - on the side of my neck. The view of beauticians with whom i'd discussed the problem was that the deep brown pigmentation was probably caused by a combination of sun damage and perfume. I first noticed it about 2 summers ago, and the area remained darkly pigmented even when other areas of sun-tanned skin had faded.
Prior to discovering Thiospot I had tried various creams claiming to fade skin but with no success at all. However, Thiospot did exactly what it claimed to do - and i'm delighted to say that area of discolouration has lightened very considerably, and the skin tone is almost back to normal.
This will be the first summer since I used Thiospot and I now never go outside without an SPF50 cream on my neck as a precaution against the mark returning, but should it reappear I won't hesitate to buy another tube.
Yours sincerely

Kathryn Thomas

Dear Madam
I refer to my telephone conversation with you when ordering a Thiospot SR. This is the second Thiospot I have used, the first was the sponge, the SR was my preference, as the sponge did tend to dry quickly. As I mentioned to you at the time of ordering, I am very pleased with the outcome of the results of the Skin Roller and delighted that some old age spots, which were rather persistent have completely gone, just leaving a slight mark. Patience paid off.
I have used various other products but the results were not good. I will need to order another SR very soon to continue the treatment.
Yours sincerely, Mrs Loader

Dear Sirs
With reference to my recent telephone conversation with you, I would like to confirm that I am now coming to the end of my 1st treatment, and must say what a wonderful product Thiospot is.
My daughter (who is a Doctor) was very sceptical when I said I was thinking of trying it, in fact she said, don't waste your money, but I am so glad I did because the two brown sun spots have now almost blended in with my skin colouring and almost unnoticeable.
I really think you should advertise this product much more, I was very lucky to read about it in a magazine in the hairdressers, I am sure there are a lot of people out there who would be as amazed as I was.

Yours sincerely, Mrs Evans

I Just wanted to tell you how delighted I am with your products.
Quite some time ago I saw your advertisement in Good Housekeeping. It sounded good and I thought I would give it a try. My first order was the Thiospot Duo Pack which really did the trick. My brown age spots have diminished a lot and I use it faithfully morning and night.
Then I tried Hydratime Day Cream and Nutritime Plus Nourishing Cream, again used morning and night. They have definitely made a difference to the texture of my skin.
I have placed orders a few times and most definitely will continue to use when needed. I would certainly recommend this product to my friends. I have no hesitation in giving you 100% for the products. Keep up the good work.

Mrs Scott

Dear Laura
Having seen your advert in Good Housekeeping and having tried another make unsuccessfully, I contacted yourselves and got your Thiospot. The results were excellent and I was delighted with them an would recommend it.
I would have no hesitation in advising anyone who is in need of really excellent products that do work and I am very pleased I contacted you.
Yours sincerely

M L Dron

Dear Sir
I am writing to say how pleased I am with your product Thiospot Intensive. I have been using it on a very dark patch on my cheek. I saw it advertised in a woman's magazine and ordered it from my local Moss chemist.
The brown spot on my cheek has lightened considerably since I have started to use the Thiospot, and I believe it will continue to fade as I go on using the product.
Thank you for an excellent product.
Yours sincerely

Mrs Simpkins
P.S I was also very pleased with your customer services

Dear Sirs
I am writing to say how much I enjoy using your products and how helpful your telephone staff are.
Having used Thiospot Intensive Cream since 2004, I am now able to face summertime without covering up my arms for the first time in years.
My daughter also found her acne improved after trying your Akmicare products.

Many thanks, L D Wakefield

Dears Sirs
I am writing to thank you for the Thiospot Cream. I have been using the cream for about 40 days and surprisingly it is making a huge difference to my pigmentation and pregnancy mask. I thought that there might not be a solution to my skin but reading the product information on the internet changed my mind.

Thank you again, Mrs Valli

Dear Sirs
In recent months I had become very conscious of the dark liver spots on the back of my hands. I saw an advertisement for Thiospot in Good Housekeeping and decided to try it. I have been using it for about 5 weeks and can really see a difference. The spots have definitely lightened. I have just placed another order and shall continue using this product.
Many thanks.

Kim Saunders, Alton

Dear Sirs
I'd like to say many thanks for sending my order for Thiospot so promptly. It has been absolutely brilliant - I am totally surprised by such quick result & I have just placed another order for a second 'roller'. You also very kindly also sent me few samples. I intend to spread the word about Thiospot, and can show by example that your product really works!
Thanking you again for your marvelous product and service.

Inge Knight

Dear Sirs
I have been using Thiospot for 8 months and I am very happy with the results. My pigmentation marks are a lot lighter in colour about 70% better. I will still continue to use Thiospot along with my SPF sun cream.
Yours faithfully

J McKane

Dear Sirs
RE: Thiospot Cream: I have been using Thiospot Cream for nine months and am delighted with the results
I have suffered from pigmentation patches on my neck since my early forties and nothing I used seemed to have any effect.
Using Thiospot Cream twice daily (morning and last thing at night), has significantly faded these unsightly patches and now I only need to use it every other day to maintain the improvement. I now feel much more confident about my appearance and will continue to use this cream.
Yours faithfully


My 13 year old daughter has a mark on her face which is only visible in the summer. The mark can make her look grubby and she is often told she has a dirty mark on her face! We decided to try Thiospot and are delighted with the results. Although the mark is visible, it is nothing like last summer. We shall continue to use Thiospot and have also recommended you to a friend who has sun damage.
Yours faithfully

Leanne Finch

I am writing in connection with your product Thiospot Concentrated Lightening Formula, which I saw advertised in the Good Housekeeping magazine. The product has exceeded my expectations in as much as it has been very successful in removing the pigmentation on my hands. As mentioned to you I had tried another product for the same complaint and was very disappointed with it as it increased the pigmentation and never faded
With the result I stopped using it and was very reticent in using any other product for this complaint.
I fully intend to continue using Thiospot and I am confident that I will be happy with the outcome.
Yours sincerely

Mrs May Blair

I just wanted to write and tell you how much I love the Thiospot products recently sent to me. You have no idea how much of a difference these products have made to my skin and my confidence over the past few weeks.
After about 20 years of walking around with a twelve o'clock shadow which spread out along the jaw line, and various dark and faded spots here and there, my skin is heading for an even skin tone!!! No longer do I need to mix and match my own thick foundation to cover all the different patches. I can buy an almost sheer foundation. It's so liberating.
I have suffered with skin pigmentation problems on my face and chest for what seems like a lifetime, trying almost every product and regime on the market from £5.99 to £145 (and also micro-dermabrasion!) but to no avail. All I was left with was an empty purse, sensitive skin, a total lack of colour in places where my freckles had been bleached away, especially my cheeks, and no difference at all to my twelve o'clock shadow!!! I was totally disheartened and vowed each time that it would be the last time I built my hopes up. Until I saw your advert…I was drawn to the fact that your products contained no Hydroquinone or Bearberry, and decided to have one last try. I'm so glad I did.
I applied the cream all over twice a day for a short while in the hope it might rejuvenate the faded areas and begin to tackle the pigmentation problems. Although the product has as SPF10 incorporated I also applied SPF60 on the dark areas just to make sure the sun didn't make it any worse. Then I started to apply the cream all over once a day and just to the dark areas at night and kept my fingers crossed.
What a difference…in just a few weeks my cheeks look less bleached, my pigmentation is fading and my skin is looking so much more even toned.
I've gone from hiding my face and chest in layers of make-up, to looking much more fresh faced and not being scared to wear something low-cut! I really can't thank you enough.
I've had more compliments from my husband in the last few weeks than I have in the 12 years we've been together!
Yours faithfully

Mrs Gill Nicholls

I don't know where to begin to start explaining what benefits your products have contributed towards my confidence.
Several years ago I had major Laser Treatment on my face to eliminate scarring caused by acne when I was in my early 20's. In various areas I had up to 18 layers of skin removed which caused me loosing pigmentation.
Initially I had up to 260 cysts cauterised from my face. Afterwards I had 23 scars cut out from my face which entailed stitches.
One of my problems was my pigmentation, where certain areas were darker and others where no colour was visible. I started to use your Thiospot which has slowed down the darker areas and is allowing my lighter areas to catch up. Even now when I use certain face tanning creams the dark areas do not get any darker - this is a brilliant result.
Another one of my problems was under the eyes where the Laser had finished my eyes were sagging and became very red. So I have started using your Synchrovit Contour Eyes and Lips Cream. After using it since last August the improvements are vast. I am also using the Terproline P after using the normal remedy and the changes are brilliant.
My pigments are controlled. My eyes no longer sag or puff up looking red and my scarring has reduced by over 50%. Now that summer is here, I have also been using the Sunwards sun creams and apply the high factors on my sensitive areas. Everything which I am using is complementing my face and once again I have gained self confidence. I am so very happy with all of the products that I am using and if possible I will never revert to any other products. The changes are immense.
Since, I have passed on your leaflets to friends which equally are very pleased with the results.
The creams which you are promoting are not only cosmetic but long term medication. You have changed my views on how I look and will continue to use your products for as long as you allow me to. If your products were no longer available on the market then this would turn my world upside down.
There is nothing bad I can say because you have given me another lease in life without pain.
Thank you for your help and consultations.
Yours truly

Mrs Krystyna Berry

Dear Sirs
Having tried your Thiospot Skin Roller, I am writing to congratulate you on an excellent product.
I have tried many things in the past for removing brown marks from my hands but this is by far the most effective.
May I also say how helpful and kind your phone staff were.
Best wishes to you all.
Kind Regards

Liz Baird

I am writing to comment on the use of Thiospot.
I started using this product over 3 years ago, when you were very new to me. I had spent an absolute fortune on products for pigmentation for the previous 10 years since developing the problem in pregnancy, which then shook my entire confidence. Nothing had ever even touched it before your product and I had tried so very many of the very expensive and dangerous bleaching products. After about 4-5 weeks the depth of the colour had faded tons and now is hardly noticeable. I had stopped using for about a month a year ago and noticed the colour coming back so immediately ordered more and now you have given me back the "face" to face the world again!
The new cream and skin roller are even better than the old...I didn't think it could be improved but it was.
Thank you so much for allowing a 39 year old lady regain the confidence and throw away the camouflage make up that made me feel so caked!
THANKYOU for Thiospot