Synchrovit® is a rapid acting Retinol A-containing product range and an effective free-radical scavenger for use around the eyes, lips, face and neck. it contains encapsulated forms of Vitamin A (Retinol) and Vitamin E (Tocopherol), which exhibit potent antioxidant properties to mop-up free radicals generated by stress and 'life'. Synchrovit® contains Acetyl Glucosamine, Glucuronic acid and Saccharide isomerate, which improve skin tone & increase the skin's ability to hold water, through promotion of the biosynthesis of hyaluronic acid.

Retinol A - What’s all the Fuss about?

Retinol has long been a popular ingredient in skin anti-aging creams and also in the management of acne, helping to improve skin cell vitality and by normalising skin cell turnover rates, which accelerate in the development of acne. Retinol A also has the ability to stimulate fibroblast activity, which increases the manufacture of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid - these molecules are the 'bricks and mortar' which holds the skin together.

Synchrovit® Contains Retinyl Palmitate - Why?

All retinoid-based creams convert to retinoic acid, the active molecule created from Vitamin A. However, Vitamin A is poorly absorbed and retinoic acid can be highly irritating when placed on the skin surface, making the skin more sensitive to the sun and many other external factors. So, many companies have used molecules which are made from Vitamin A, are better absorbed by the skin and do not convert to retinoic acid until they are actually in the skin.

The closer the structure of the molecules used are to retinoic acid, the more the risk of skin irritation. Retinaldehyde is the closest and has the highest irritant risk compared to retinol which is less. Retinyl palmitate is the least irritating. However, the reverse is true on absorption; retinyl palmitate is the nearest to Vitamin A and so is the hardest to get into the skin, to achieve an effective concentration of retinoic acid. Retinol is the next hardest to absorb, while retinaldehyde is the most easily absorbed. The effect of each molecule on the skin is summed up below.

retinol a

As a medical skin company who deals with many sensitive skin types, we chose retinyl palmitate, the least irritating but hardest to absorb.

However we utilize our patented delivery technology - Synchrosomes® - to carry the maximum amount of retinyl palmitate deep into the skin. Synchrosomes® are unique molecular structures which vastly improve skin absorption, while protecting the retinol palmitate from damage as it is absorbed from free radicals , where it can be converted to active retinoic acid.

Also to further enhance activity, Synchrovit® also supplies Vitamin E (Tocopherol) another potent free radical scavenger which increases the activity of the retinoic acid in improving cell vitality and normalising cell function while boosting collagen and elastin development.

We therefore with Synchrovit®, get the best of all 3: maximum absorption, maximum safety and maximum activity.

Dark Under-Eye Circles and The Aging Process

dark eye circlesDark under-eye circles begin in the capillaries of the thin, delicate skin around the eyes. The capillaries are so small that red blood cells sometimes have to line up, one by one, to get through. frequently, red blood cells get lost and wander into the surrounding skin. This isn't a problem - it happens all the time - your body has a mechanism to combat it. Enzymes in your body break down the red blood cells, including their haemoglobin – this is the molecule that holds oxygen, so you can transport it around your body.

When haemoglobin is broken down, its remaining components have a dark blue-black colour, just like a bruise. This red blood cell debris is absorbed into lymph vessels which carry it away to be broken down. Lymph drainage can become impaired and lymph fluid  along with the debris pool in the base of the eye socket and contribute to dark circles.

There isn't room for fatty layers around the eye sockets because this would get in the way of our ability to move our eyes and see. So, skin around the eyes is thin and gets thinner with age - allowing the blood vessels and darker shadows of bone to show through. Many people's skin is not only thinner around the eyes, but also more translucent. This combination therefore makes this discolouration much more apparent.

Synchrovit® EL for the eyes and lips delivers an anti-tiredness ingredient; Alpha Bisabolol, for those under-eye dark areas. Synchrovit® contains many beneficial substances to enhance and invigorate the skin, providing a rapid smoothing effect.

Fibre Changes

The skin gets even thinner as we grow older. This is caused by collagen transformation and the weakening of elastin – these keep the skin taut when we are young. The thinning of the skin is particularly noticeable in certain parts of the body, especially those areas where the skin is stretched over bony structures without layers of fat and other tissues beneath; around the eyes, for example. This is also evident on the back of the hands, which often look darker with age.

The Retinol A released by Synchrovit® stimulates fibroblast activity to create new collagen and elastin. It also contains acetyl glucosamine and glucuronic acid which encourage hyaluronic acid synthesis, which in turn prevents collagen transformation.

Genetics and Free Radicals

free radical

To some degree, the aging process is controlled by our genes and family patterns, but it's also influenced by things which produce free radicals that damage the skin, such as too much exposure to uV light or smoking. As a result of this exposure to free radicals, the change in collagen structure and also the weakening of elastin, the functional efficacy of water-binding Hyaluronic acid decreases. This means that the skin’s ability to effectively retain water also decreases, leading to the formation of gravitational wrinkles and crow’s feet around the eyes.

The Use of Synchrovit® in Acne Sufferers

Synchrovit® can augment anti-aging treatments but it also offers additional skin cell turnover control for acne sufferers in support of the control offered by Aknicare®.

The combined action of Retinol a helps to regulate skin cell turnover which has been shown to be beneficial in various skin situations including acneic skins