Rosacea Triggers

Rosacea sufferers and blushers & flushers all know their condition is triggered although in permanent reddening the triggering seems to have become permanent and it is unknown whether the reddening response is a continuous one or whether it is constant overlapping of triggers, however the result is the same. The biggest single triggering factor is UV exposure and it is often the case that people who develop rosacea have lead a lifestyle where they were exposed to UV regularly and other triggers. A trigger is something that initiates a response from the skin. All triggers are known to increase blood flow to the facial vessels and are often hormonal, physical, environmental or chemical and include:

  • Environmental Triggers particularly UV, temperature changes, cold, heat and wind
  • Emotional triggers include stress, anxiety, sadness, intimacy concentration, embarrassment, excitement, laughing and pain
  • Hormonally influenced triggers include hormonal changes caused by ‘The Pill’, HRT, pregnancy, Pre, post and the menopause itself
  • Dietary triggers include volume of food, spicy foods, hot foods and drinks, cold drink, alcohol especially red wine.
  • Physical Triggers include exercise and topical agents such ads cosmetics, chemicals, cleansers, chemical sun filters and toners

Rosacea sufferers should work out their triggers and avoid them as much as possible. This is a major part of the management of rosacea in an effort to reduce triggering and sensitization. This may lead to life changes, career changes and impact on family and personal life. And can lead to seclusion due to avoiding triggers such as UV and may lead to depression in many patients. Avoidance of triggers alone is only part of the management of rosacea.