UK Evaluation

Before launching the product in the UK we conducted an evaluation by recruiting members of the UK acne and rosacea charity the Acne Support Group. We recruited 100 confirmed rosacea sufferers who had tried many treatments and were still seeking relief from their symptoms. We decided that if Rosacure® and Synchrorose® (the clinical strength option) worked in this difficult to treat group who were well informed and had tried and tested many other products.

This was a real time evaluation whereby questionnaires were filled in before, during (at 4 weeks) and at the end of the evaluation (8 weeks) whereby feedback was gained from each of the 98 users who completed the 8 weeks, on the level of redness reduction, the cosmetic properties and the reduction of other symptoms such as itching and spots and how they felt their resistance to triggers had altered. Here we are showing you the collated data for overall effectiveness.

The group who claimed they had a ‘Good to Excellent Effect’ showed greater than 50% redness reduction (based on their own opinion). ‘Reasonable Effect’ was between 30 to 50% redness reduction and ‘Some Effect’ was greater than 10% reduction with ‘Poor or No Effect’ being less than 10% reduction in reddening.

Overall Effectiveness Graph

If you group 'Reasonable Effect' and 'Good to Excellent Effect' together then this equates to 72% of a difficult to treat group achieving a good outcome. This was further verified when we asked for Buying Intentions and found that 75% expressed a desire to buy the products. So even some of those with 'Some Effect' felt it was worth continuing with the product.

Overall Effectiveness Graph Percentages

Buying Intentions

We would have been impressed if the products had shown positive results in 40%, so this evaluation was very encouraging. Subsequent sales and feedback from many others have supported these results and testimonials of success constantly come into us.

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