Thread & Spider Veins

The damage caused to vessels in terms of their ability to dilate and contract and the increase in their permeability due to damage to the vessel wall which can result in the break down of vessel walls between adjacent vessels can all result in much more visible veins called spider or thread veins. Functionality of the vessel becomes compromised so that blood pools in the vessel and is slow to return to the main circulation. This can in itself have an effect on oxygenation of tissue and the removal of waste products and carbon dioxide causing more stress in the skin

Damage to capillaries and blood vessels in the skin is common. Rosacure® and Synchrorose® (the clinical strength option) ingredients have shown in studies to protect and promote the regeneration of tissue. Rosacure® and Synchrorose® (the clinical strength option) supports vessel structure by protecting the peri vessel area and supporting vessel dilation and contraction while also encouraging regeneration of tissues.

The constant damaging effects of the chemical cascade of inflammatory chemicals in combination with such chemicals as growth factors can lead to irregular repair and the growth of irregular vascular and connective tissue resulting in thickened tissue with irregular prominent veins. Managing and controlling the chemical cascade process is essential in reducing the risk of rhinophyma (what is rhinophyma) and other tissue changes.