An Overview of Terproline - Treatment for Scarring and Burns

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Terproline® is a group of products designed to improve and promote scar reduction and recovery from numerous dermatological procedures. Used before and/or after many cosmetic procedures it can improve recovery times by up to 50%, as shown in clinical and medical trials. Terproline was researched initially in burns units as shown by the photos below, it massively improved the look, feel, elasticity and tightness of 3rd degree burn scars. The picture below shows its effect on an hypertrophic burn scar.

Terproline® provides the skin with the stimulation to speed up the removal of damaged tissue and replacement by new.

Terproline® also provides the skin with the key raw materials to improve the elastic matrix structure of the skin, maintaining and improving skin quality and reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

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The Key Ingredients of Terproline

Fibroblast Stimulators - Asiatic & Madecassic Acid

Both of these naturally-occurring plant based ingredients stimulate the biosynthesis of collagen type-III, hyaluronic acid and fibronectine by boosting fibroblast activity. Asiatic acid also enhances the action of Alpha-Hydroxy-Acid (AHA) Peels on fibroblast activity, so it is also used as a pre treatment prior to enhance the rejuvenation effects of chemical peels.

Key Collagen, Fibronectine and Hyaluronic Acid Precursors

Proline Linoleate

Increased bio availability of the amino acid proline (which is key molecule used to make collagen by fibroblast cells) ensures effective and efficient biosynthesis of collagen. The right type of youthful collagen promotes youthful shape and structure and we need to replace collagen as we age as it binds together to form a more rigid structure which gives one an older face shape as hyaluronic acid levels reduce.

Fibronectinic Glycopeptides

These molecules are the raw materials used by fibroblast cells to make fibronectine and elastin. These are the key elastic fibres which allow your skin to stretch and contract. They provide elasticity to skin.

Glucuronic Acid

This is a key molecule used by fibroblasts to make hyaluronic acid. Hylauronic acid binds moisture into the skin and becomes jelly like providing a reservoir of water for healthy skin life and also provides plumpness and firmness to skin. The decrease in hyaluronic acid is the key trigger for the alteration in collagen type mentioned above, and so it is critical in healing and to slow the aging process to boost hyaluronic acid levels continuously from maturity onwards.

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