Acne Scar Management including Acne Scars and Ice Pick Scars

Non surgical option

For those looking for a non surgical treatment to help reduce scarring try Terproline Professional.


  • Reduce unattractive scars and reduce the risk of hypertrophic scarring
  • Flatten the your scars to blend them into surrounding normal skin
  • Elasticize your scars to make them smoother and less visible
  • Medically proven to increase the elastic properties of skin and scars

To prevent further scarring from active Acne its important to use the Aknicare system particularly the Aknicare cream which actively helps to re-hydrate the skin and reduce scarring.

Clinical treatment option

Box scars and ice pick scars are scars with deep indentations which are effectively empty space and it is very difficult to remodel empty space. So we need to fill them with new tissue, and then stimulate skin regeneration processes to work to remodel this new rapidly produced scar tissue with more normal skin tissue which will have greater elasticity and structure.

Using Enerpeel TCA strong it is possible to pipette this solution into the scar ‘hole’, and allow the acid to cause frosting and then scabbing. Once the skin has healed and the scab gone, then techniques such as using dermoroller's can then initiate the replacement of the scar tissue with new skin.

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For more information on EnerPeel TCA and other products within the EnerPeel range please click here

TCA Cross to treat pitted, ice pick and box scars

A lot of clinicians treat pitted acne scars use a procedure called “TCA CROSS” – which stands for trichloroacetic acid (TCA) and chemical reconstruction of skin scars (CROSS). This is a procedure carried out by qualified clinicians.

What is the procedure TCA Cross?

There are several methods of TCA CROSS and involves introducing a small amount of high strength TCA into the scar aperture and allowing it to react and cause the hole to fill up with repair tissue and scab. Once the scab has healed then the resultant tissue can be re-modeled to encourage replacement by new collagen type III/ Elastin rich skin. The method of introducing the TCA can be using a syringe to pipette the solution in or by soaking the end of a toothpick into the TCA solution bottle, and poking this soaked end into the pits of each acne scar. You leave the toothpick in each pit until it frosts over or turns white. Then you move on to the next acne scar you wish to treat.

Terproline ProffessionalImmediately after this is finished, you should coat the treated areas with petroleum jelly, the client should continue to do so until the scabs form and begin to fall off. Its important not to pick at the scabs. Once all of the scabs have fallen off, the client is advised to wash their face with a gentle cleanser.

The TCA Cross method can be repeated every 1-2 months or once the area has recovered so that dermal reconstruction and collagen production occurs inside the acne scars. After 3-9 months, there Fillast Serumshould see a great improvement in the appearance of the acne scars. Using Terproline Professional in conjunction with Fillast can rapidly accelerate this timeline due to their ability to rapidly accelerate the remodeling process by boosting collagen and elastin production and hyaluronic acid development.