Customer Testimonials

“I have been very happy with all the products I have ordered from you. I have struggled with acne on my face for large periods of my adult life.  When it really flared up again in my forties (and when I realised that what I was being prescribed by my G.P. was not helping) I started to look around for other treatments and was advised to try Aknicare.  Aknicare has succeeded in calming my skin and dealing with the redness that accompanied the spots, as well as the spots themselves (and in this was different from what I had been prescribed). My acne is still something I have to deal with, but using a combination of Aknicare products (Gentle Cleansing Gel, Cream and Roller in particular) I have been able to reach and maintain a situation with my acne that is immeasurably better than it has been. I have also incorporated Terproline Face cream into my regime to help with the acne scars, which it has done very effectively.  I would unreservedly recommend Aknicare (and Terproline) to fellow acne sufferers.”
Carmen Roberts

I've been using Terproline  face cream as a night cream for several years. I don't use as a day cream as find it a little heavy. I have used after facial treatments to aid recovery and have been very pleased with results. The acne scars I had concerns about have faded. I love this cream and I definitely  believe it has aided in  the great improvement to my skin.

I have been using both Terproline Professional Cream and Terproline Contour Eyes & Lips for several years. I can honestly say that no other products come close to the effectiveness of these. I had tried many of the "so-called" leading brands on the market prior to discovering this amazing range but will not use anything else now. The Professional Cream is suitable for any skin type and instantly rehydrates your skin after a day in the sun. These products are a hit with most of my family; even the male members. Would highly recommend. Thank you for such great lotions and potions!
Best wishes, L Williams

Just to let you know, that as a user of Terproline I have found that this treatment is by far the best of 'many' lotions/creams that I have tried on a facial surgical scar that I have which runs along my mandible bone. The redness has been reduced considerably, the scar tissue has softened and the scar is now of a more flatter appearance. It was just through a simple web search that I came across your site which of course has paid great dividends - Thanks!
Best Regards

Stephen Wilson

Dear Sir/Madam
I just want to thank you for advising me to try Terproline Body Cream on a very distressing problem I had. In February this year, I was unfortunate to contract Shingles, for some reason purple spots appeared on both arms, some as big as a five pence piece and many more on my right arm. I saw three doctors (one a skin consultant) not one of them could help me, I just had to keep them covered and was very distressed about it.
I saw your advert in the paper and after a chat with the operator she advised me to try Terproline Body Cream. In just three weeks one arm is completely clear and my right arm is vastly improved, I know this arm will be clear in a short time. Many thanks for your advice, I shall continue to use the product at all times.

Yours sincerely
Mrs V Jones

Dear Sir
I feel I must write and tell you what a difference your Terproline Body Cream, has made to my life. They are excellent, I have tried all kinds of creams for my skin, without success, I haven't used anything with antibiotics since using your products. I really didn't believe it would make a difference, but I have been proved wrong. I would just like to say thank you.
Yours faithfully

Arline Purdie