Sensicure® Products

Sensicure® is an effective product which delivers a calming action to rapidly & effectively control the signs of irritation; as well as a desensitizing effect whereby the products increase the tolerance thresholds of easily irritated skin, to reduce the frequency and degree of itching and burning. It also has the ability to maintain the natural protective functions of the skin while also hydrating to reduce unpleasant tightness.

Its triple-action formula comprises barrier lipids which help prevent water loss and boost Essential Fatty Acids in the skin; Xylitol, an effective water-binding agent which boosts the level of water in the upper layer of skin; and MSM which is an excellent anti-inflammatory with a desensitizing and anti-irritating effect.

Sensicure® is safe and does not damage skin cells or and when compared to hydrocortisone, a well known medical agent for calming skin conditions, it was shown to be just as effective at reducing irritation but without thinning the skin as steroid creams can do. It was shown to calm skin receptors effectively and should be seen as a non medical alternative to hydrocortisone.

Sensicure® Cream Gel

Sensicure Cream Gel

Sensicure® Cream Gel is an effective product which delivers increased tolerability and is designed specifically for the face, neck and cleavage. It delivers a powerful soothing, desensitizing and hydrating action.

It effectively reduces the feeling of skin tightness that is often associated with burning and and stinging sensations.



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