Sensicure Testimonials

I have had hyper-reactive skin for 2 years, causing my cheeks to be red and sore. I have tried many products, most of which cause further irritation.  I started to use sensicure serum 3 weeks ago and I will definitely be continuing to use this product. The redness is calming down and my skin is starting to heal. It goes on nicely and doesn't sting! 

Alison Hughes

Dear SkinMed

I am writing to say how brilliant I found the Sensicure Serum and Sensicure Cream Gel.
For many years I have suffered with a very bad shaving rash on my neck, which has led to me not wanting to shave because of the unsightly rash and soreness to my skin. After using the Sensicure Serum, which I apply before shaving and then using the Sensicure Cream Gel after and also on a daily basis. I no longer suffer from any rash or shaving spots on my neck and my skin is smooth and clear.

Many Thanks, Matthew