(By renewlife)

Enzymes are protein based substances that are essential for every function in the human body including eating, digesting, absorbing, seeing, hearing, smelling, breathing, eliminating and so on and so on. Normally raw foods contain enzymes which assist with digestion. However many foods are depleted of natural enzymes through cooking and processing. Without the essential enzymes needed for proper digestion, the body may not be able to completely break down those foods and absorb the nutrients. In addition, undigested food in the digestive tract can ferment, causing bloating along with other digestive difficulties.

enzyme function

Our formulas use UltraZYME or multiple strain blend of enzymes  These multiple strains can work over a greater pH range rather than just one strain which may only work in a narrow pH. This is true in the case of Yeastzyme which contains multiple strains of cellulase in the clinical formulas.

ReNew Life capsules are made of pure vegetable and contain no Fillers. Also we measure enzyme levels in formulas by activity units. Some organizations define their enzyme potency in Sumner Units (SU) , others may measure potency in Invertase Units( INVU)

Note: 80 INVU=250SU.

We record both measurements so you can compare to other products.