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Healthy Skin and More Thorough Better Digestion

ReNew Life Formulas provide natural health supplements, products, and functional foods for digestive health and consequently skin health.. SkinMed agree with their philosophy that only through proper digestion, combined with a sensible diet, can our bodies obtain the correct nutrition to achieve and maintain optimal health, energy and mental well-being. These products can benefit everyone and are hugely successful in North America.

We believe many skin complaints whether genetic in origin, and/or caused by hormonal or metabolic issues are often founded or made worse due to irregularities or deficiencies in our gastro-intestinal tract. Providing the right nutrients and enzymes is critical to skin health. Using fibre to remove toxins either naturally created or created by 'foreign organisms' before they start to have a 'toxic' effect is important for all of us. Correcting or maintaining a healthy gut environment with the right bacterial mix is fundamental (including controlling candida fungus) to good immune health as 70% of our immune system is founded in our guts. Poor immune function, poor skin! In fact Poor digestive tract, Poor skin. Improve your skin, help your skin products work better, investigate Skin Side Out.

SkinMed have added to the ReNew Life range some other complimentary products we feel can also benefit skin conditions and skin ageing. We hope to also bring you more products soon including providing access to detoxification products from ReNew Life to optimize lungs, heart, liver, lymph, blood, kidney and digestive functions and of course the skin.

Skin Side Out - Overview

SkinSideOut was created in response to a number of enquiries where skin conditions may appear to be due to a wider systemic 'imbalance'. In this section we explain the rationale behind ‘Skin Side Out’ as we have called the range of naturally based products that address these potential causes.

Through investigation we have found that a number of skin conditions may be indirectly helped by following the advice given and using the products listed. This is a topic receiving more and more study and support, but is still on the periphery of mainstream medical thinking. Logically there is a clear possibility that this is credible and support is growing. Investigate the schematic which may help you decide your 'treatment regimen' Please phone don't hesitate to phone us to discuss.

We are what we eat and that often includes things we take like medicines etc which can alter our digestive balance and digestive process. Also as we age or when we have a deficiency the ability to maintain a healthy balance can become compromised. This lack of balance manifests itself in many ways in terms of mood, energy, digestive changes and in terms of the skin and increasing the incidence or degree of skin problems.

This imbalance may be caused by a lack of enzymes to effectively process key nutrients, or an overgrowth of fungus like candida or the introduction and colonization of the gut by harmful bacteria, both of which cause gut dysbiosis. Helping to heal damaged gut mucosa to improve the guts absorption profile is also important as this reduces the number of triggers and immune response stimulating toxins and semi digested food particles which can overwhelm and fatigue our system causing increased skin problems. Removing toxins, that build up naturally or produced by fungus and bacteria, through regular bowel movements is critical to gut and skin health and soluble and insoluble fibre plays a huge role here. See H.O.P.E - A Formula for Life

Before reading further consider this:

85% of the population get acne or rosacea and most are treated with often long term antibiotics which will affect the probiotic bacteria in the gut. Fact!

How many people in their 20s, 30s, 40s or later (but usually some time after a course of antibiotics) do you know who start to complain of digestion problems, stomach pains, bloating, loose stools, irregular toilet habits?

How many of these people go on to complain of lethargy, no energy, headaches or even migraines, feeling of being general unwell?

Dysbiosis of the Gut

Is it possible that damage to the normal population of friendly gut bacteria (probiotics) has lead to a spread of candida which has occupied the space left?

Candida is a fungus which we all have and is normally kept in check by our good bacteria, but if allowed to grow can become a serious problem which is described in more detail further on, but as fungi tend to use sugars and ferment foods, one often finds that the first signs are bloating and flatulence after eating.

It may also be possible that the good probiotic bacteria have been reduced in favor of other species of bacteria which are opportunistic colonizers of the intestine, which would normally only exist in small numbers crowded out by the good bacteria. This is more likely to happen if these bacteria are more resistant to whatever is causing the probiotic reduction, such as antibiotics. Some of these ‘alien’ or unwanted bacteria may also utilize foods we eat but produce excessive amounts of gases as a result, some very pungent. Maybe more importantly these bacteria bi-products may change the conditions in the gut resulting in longer term problems. Such a mix of unwanted organisms is known as dysbiosis.

Dysbiosis disrupts the healthy status quo and may lead to gut inflammation which gradually worsens over time, to the point where some years later one can have a chronic inflammation and are being prescribed gastrointestinal drugs by the doctor for IBS, IBD, Crohn’s, hiatus hernia, gastric ulcers, gastritis, acid reflux, dyspepsia, gastric spasms or a whole range of gut problems. Many such people have been through so many diagnoses of gluten intolerance, lactose intolerance; all sorts of intolerances.

Is it possible it could be the accumulated effects of long term candidiasis or dysbiosis of the gastro-intestinal tract? There may well be 10 million people in the UK and 40 million in the USA who have this problem. This could even be a conservative estimate as it is tough to diagnose. Also, doctors tend to treat the symptoms, hoping to calm the gut, but if the candida remains then long term relief is nearly impossible.

We go onto look at the possible implications of this on general health, the toxic build up that may happen and the impact of energy and the immune system, which may lead to further hormonal disruption triggering skin problems or exacerbating existing ones.